1. A Cedar Tree with European Roots
ClinServ is a full CRO and branched throughout the MEA region, yet its roots remain in Europe allowing our company to grow in a unique spirit of interfacing between the international and European expertise and requirements, along with a perfect knowledge and respect of the local culture and regulatory.

With its 5 offices in the MENA region (Beirut, Amman, Cairo, Riyadh and Damascus) and 2 more planned in 2012 in Algeria and Pakistan, ClinServ has an extensive regional coverage with decentralized operations. There are over 50 dedicated professionals (around 80 by end 2012) who are willing to accommodate the needs of the sponsor in a timely manner.

2. A Robust Quality Management System
ClinServ was built based on an infrastructure focused on both quality (ISO, ICH GCP and 21CFR) and international recognized long term expertise, network and credibility.

Our robust quality system is continuously tested through the qualification process of our clients (sponsors and international CROs) and the French COFRAC-ISO auditors.

3. Adapted Services
Privately owned, as a unique CRO model, ClinServ offers solutions by providing unique comprehensive flexible innovative services, adapted to local needs.

ClinServ has an advanced ERP System (Enterprise Resource Planning) to plan, monitor, control, report and analyze the activities, resources and projects milestones
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